It's again time for my Follow Tuesday Shout Out where I randomly pick 3 active bloggers from my follower list and post their blog name with link as well as their blog description and wish new people will connect with each others.



This Follow Tuesday is inspired by (Grimlock) the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord post . Credits to her for reminding me how much I a) love food b) love watching Dean eat some junk food. He manages to make it look like an artsy performance. Do I have to point out how sexy that is? Do I? This is what I call food porn:





Lora's Rants and Reviews: My own unapologetic opinions on books and writing.


Tackling Mt. TBR: I'm an internet junkie that is obsessed with books. I own more than I will ever read in this lifetime and yet I'm still compelled to buy more. I read mostly romance (mild to completely smutty), YA and urban fantasy.


The Librarian Owl: ... reading different genres depending on the mood.









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