Wow, Sheherizad... graceful lifts synchronization and if anyone ever makes fun of a male ice dancer, just ask them when the last time they picked up a pretty hot and athletic lady and held her over their head with one hand while skating figure eights around an ice arena?   


Not lately huh?  


Great Performance by the USA Couple.  Beautiful dance and it comes home for a gold!   Ali..Ali.. Ali... wait... that's not Prince Ali!  


And for the record, it's Meryl Davis not Jasmine.  She's just a really good Doppleganger.  And it's not Prince Ali, or the Blond Aladin, it's Charlie White!  


Those ice dancers... they get all the girls... 


that's probably because having a partner is a prerequisite for the sport.  


The Canadian's skated wonderfully too and there was an amazing balance lift by the French team that was Ooolalala (and wow, image).


And... I'm a confident enough man to say," Yeah, I watched Ice Dancing.. whut of it? "